Tool-Flo Manufacturing Facility

November 13, 2018

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Tool Flo | Kajima Building and Deign Group

The Tool-Flo manufacturing facility is approximately 80,000 SF total encompassing (2) buildings. It will serve as corporate headquarters with cutting-edge tool manufacturing related to the oil and gas industry. This project is a new construction on a greenfield site in Pearland, TX. The project is constructed of structural steel, tilt wall, metal panels, and a glass curtain wall with high end interior finishes.

About Tool-Flo
Tool-Flo, one of the most experienced companies in the field of metal cutting tools, provides expertise for metal removal applications in the Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Automotive and Medical industries. With over thirty-five years in the business, Tool-Flo delivers reliable and quality products to their customers. Learn more at


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