PFG Oakwood Site Wins The KBD National Site Safety Award

September 30, 2016



Every year, KBD selects a job site team to be awarded the National Site Safety Award for their outstanding safety management and documentation.   This year, the award was presented to PFG Oakwood in Georgia.

The award was presented by KBD’s own Mike Roush, National Safety Director, responsible for the implementation of the company’s safety and accident prevention program.


Mike Roush - National Safety Director

Mike Roush - National Safety Director

To applaud the PFG team for their accomplishment this year, Roush delivered the following praise:
“I am pleased to announce that the PFG Oakwood team has been awarded the site safety award for 2016,” said Roush.   "I want to thank them for their commitment to housekeeping, documentation, investigation of all safety matters and the all around culture of safety that they have developed on this site."   He continued, "I also want to commend them all for their attitude toward safety and for making the job site the safest job site culture from last year."


Roush further explained KBD’s position on the importance and necessity for site safety:
“At KBD, we believe in safety first in all aspects of our business.   We always need to constantly monitor and observe the construction progress, and better all personnel on site to keep ahead of safety issues.   At our job sites, having a safe and open commutative work environment for contractors and employees is critical.   Always remember: Never settle for normal and always strive for perfection.”   To end his commentary, Roush offered gratitude for every employee’s commitment to safety: “I’d like to thank all of our employees for the great work they do in keeping safety first in all our workspaces.”
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Pictures from PFG Oakwood Site: